I fell in love with photography with my first camera; and I'm happy to say our love affair is still going strong! 

I feel my purpose as a photographer is to capture images of inspiration for families, weddings, and events.

My skill in is making personal portraits and pictures inside these real situations that also have a spark about them.

The sessions are relaxed, insightful and reveal the subtle moments of beauty that are always in every present moment.

When I put my cameras down, my pleasures are coffee, dancing, my great family, and discovering pockets of naturally-occurring energy throughout the city.

I look forward to pictures yet to photograph, families yet to meet, making energy and synergy.  Thanks for visiting.


- Portrait Portfolio -

My art photography is available for sale and exhibition. Please contact me for details.


BW dance party.jpg

Wedding photography begins at $1,500

Portraits on location begin at $300

Family Portraits begin at $400


All nformation on photography prices and services for your specific event are sent via email. I require a signed contract and full payment via Paypal for all photographic and design services. Thank you!
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