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My name is Dorothy Perry, and seeing the world and people around me in intuitive moments feels like what I was born to do.  I love to photograph moments of light as they happen naturally to make inspired, original images for weddings, families, and businesses.  

The work I display, sell and shoot are work of photographs captured within intuitive states. The photographs are chosen both for how they look and how they feel, and I am excited to share them with resonant collectors, and galleries; please contact the studio to be on a guest list to be notified of shows and new work.

When I put my cameras down, I enjoy dancing and watching for actual rainbows - a sign that my intuition is 'on.'  I feel gratitude for my creative extended family and my mom, Beverly, who supported me as a artist (and taught herself how to draw and paint in her sixties.) 

I appreciate this 'life of the eyes' as an intuitive photographer. Welcome to Dance of Life.


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Photographs from my collections are available for sale and exhibition.  Please contact me for details.


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Dance of Life Photography 

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